Conference Theme

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IPR Policy and Strategy:

Similar to Business policy and HR policy, Organisations need to draw IPR policy and strategy in order to stay in the competition business environment. Protection and enforcement of technology and brand value have become the sine qua none in the present globalised world driven by knowledge.

Patentability assessment

Patentability assessment of technology of various industries in the field of Steel, Automobiles, Information Technology, Construction and Mining Engineering will be the major area of focus for discussion during the conference. The legal requirement of various jurisdictions namely USPTO, EPO, JPO and Indian Patent Office will be distinctly analysed.

IP Due Diligence

IP Due Diligence is very Important in case of mergers and acquisitions to establish the validity of the patents, design and trade mark of the concerned company. Sometimes there may be litigations or hidden infringements of others IP for which IP risk assessment has to be done as a part of due diligence.

IP Valuation

IP Valuation is important for IPO pricing or for raising money through any other route including Private Equity or Alternate Investment Market. Similarly in case of M &A valuation of brand and technology is required to be done.

IP Taxation

IP Taxation is also a very complex area where the taxation laws of various jurisdictions are different. The issue is relevant even in case of transfer pricing wherever the issue of technology transfer is involved.

IP Analysis

IP Analysis involves competitive intelligence of the technology and the ongoing research including the patent applied by the competitors in the same industry. It has become very important for the knowledge based companies to stay in the market with latest technology and to avoid duplication of research for which a prior art exist or for improvement in technology for safeguard from obsolescence.

IP Securitisation

IP Securitisation is done if there is a regular flow of income from franchisee commission or royalty and similar to rental income from property loan is granted on regular income from IP for which bank need due diligence on the concerned IP asset.

IP Insurance

IP Insurance has become a new product for the Insurance companies in the western countries against IP risk and IP litigation where the legal expenses and the infringement damages are very high.

There are other issues of IP mining and IP audit apart from IP accounting and IP portfolio management. IP protection and enforcement are also equally important.


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