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ITAG is a one stop solution for intellectual property protection and management including patent filing, prosecution, patentability assessment, prior art search, valuation, licensing, IP due diligence, IP watch, trade mark registration, and paralegal services. We focus on providing end-to-end Intellectual Property service and business solutions in this dynamic globalized world. ITAG's objective is to commercialize Intellectual Property Assets in the fields of mechanical engineering, process automation, aviation and aerospace, automotive, electrical engineering, medical science, biotech, life science, green technology, chemical engineering, microelectronics/ IT, materials science/ nanotechnology and other trademarks.

We provide these services under one roof through a network of corporate, commercial and legal solutions centers with the highest international quality standards and data security. As a completely integrated legal service providers, we at ITAG value knowledge management and engage in continuous client interaction.


The Indian Chamber of Commerce is the premier body of business of Eastern and North-Eastern India. Set up as part of India's freedom movement, ICC's membership comprises of the several of the largest corporates in India. The Indian Chamber of Commerce plays a very proactive role in advocating national economic policies for competitive growth in the country as also regional development to power the growth dynamics of the States. ICC is committed to developing Eastern and North-Eastern India as a powerhouse of growth in the years to come. The Indian Chamber of Commerce won the Best Chamber of Commerce in the World Chambers Competition for Best Unconventional Project at Qubec City in the year 2003.


We protect ideas - all ideas - and for half a century we have been helping our clients develop, obtain, protect and leverage property rights borne of their intellectual capital. From a submicroscopic sequence of DNA to a vast constellation of satellites circling the globe, from publicity rights to the goodwill of a universally known brand, this is the universe of ideas we explore. And when it comes to serving our clients, we go beyond traditional boundaries, advocating innovative theories and redefining the frontiers of law as they apply to creativity and invention.

Protecting intellectual property - the property of ideas - demands experience, substantive knowledge and a commitment to the client's needs. Sughrue rises to meet these challenges every day. How do we demonstrate this to our clients? Through:

# Uunderstanding the significance and value of each idea
# Defining our clients' rights and expressing them in a way that maximizes legal enforceability and utility;
# Protecting those rights in the courts, administrative agencies and tribunals; and developing and adding value to those same rights through licensing, technology transfers and others types of intellectual property rights transactions.


The Institute of International Trade (IITrade), Kolkata was founded in 2005 with the aim to promote awareness amongst corporate, policy planners, and students on the various issues relating to International Trade and Intellectual Property Rights. The primary focus of the institute is research and training in the field of international trade laws under WTO legal framework. The Institute is affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology and conducts several programs for three years degree course for BBA (H) as well as certificate program on International Trade Management, E-commerce, IPR, International Taxation and FEMA. The institute has the experience of managing workshops and seminars in past in collaboration with European Union, USIS, EEPC, Export Development Canada and several other organizations. Institute is a knowledge partner of ITAG for IP Assets Management.

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